View Full Version : If you are ever in Boston

09-19-2008, 07:29
We went to a relatively new place called the Hungry Mother - southern style cooking that was wonderful - a different take on everything but well worth the trip.

The highlight of the evening was the small but excellent bar with very nice bourbons and ryes.

I usually have my bourbon neat or on ice but here are two mixed drinks that were well worth it.

A twist on an old fashioned - Old Overholt Rye, 10 year tawny port, maple syrup and bitters

The Motorgucci (supposedly only mixed at a few places) Equal parts Bookers and Punt e Mes (an Italian bitter vermouth)

Now I have to buy some Punt e Mes for my liquor cabinet.

09-20-2008, 06:47
I spent much of the last summer in Boston doing some work for my graduate degree. In the evenings we would often venture out looking for old dive bars to soak in some of the local seen. The grant that supports my studies put us up in Beacon Hill and even supplied us with a per diem allowance for meals so I can now report that more often than not I ate a cheap, but excellent sandwich from Whole Foods for lunch and drank the rest of my lunch per diem after dinner in the local bars. I am not really much for mixed drinks so more often than not I was parked at a bar drinking some Bourbon or Scotch. Boston is such a wonderful city for late night walks while smoking a cigar or pipe. Coming from SoFla I am used to the heat so the heat wave of last summer, that seemed to so badly affect the native Bostonians, was actually quite mild to those of use from Miami. I took many a late night, after bar closing hours strolls through Boston Common this summer with the after buzz of the booze rolling through my head and the wonderful smells of tobacco smoke filling my nose. Good memories.