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11-14-2008, 21:57
Now that James Bond has graced us with Quantum Solace, I've got to admit my curiosity: we all know what James drinks "up," but if were throwing back bourbon (I know, it would seem that Scotch is a more natural choice in the whisky category, but I hate peat)? What Would James Bond Drink?

My vote is for Bookers; it rolls off of the tongue easily, and is not too difficult to find (it is all about product placement, these days). The proof says, "I'm a badass," but remains sophisticated.

What do you think?

11-14-2008, 22:14
I'd have to disagree.
Bond was a vodka guy, mixed with ice and other stuff, shaken not stirred.
Word is that sometimes he would sprinkle a little black pepper into his vodka.
But never the less it was vodka.

Also his suit and haircut always looked funny to me.

But back to topic,... if Bond were to drink bourbon?
I'd say he would be a Basil Hayden guy,...those English guys always goes for the bland stuff.

11-14-2008, 22:23
Au, contraire! Bond was a bourbon man:


"These are the kind of drinks that separate the men from the boys and Bond clearly had a penchant for them. He downs 12 Brandy and sodas, 10 Bourbon and branch waters, and 7 Bourbon and sodas in the course of the books.

Bourbon is definitively Bond's favorite liquor; he favors I.W. Harper, Old Grand-Dad, and Walker's Deluxe. Speak to me not of Jim Beam -- that was a Sean Connery thing, and did not disappear down the hatch of Fleming's Bond. "

This site runs down some more of his drinking stats:



11-14-2008, 23:44
Well I'll be damn.

11-15-2008, 09:15
well.......................(and this is the ONLY movie i am excited about since V for Vendetta!).......

first, there are more than one JBonds...!

second, when off camera, 007 certainly checked out the realms beyond vodka...or gin....or scotch.....yes, bourbon. his friend FELIX certainly gave him some of that higher end VIRGINIA GENTLEMAN...at least!

anyways, as James plowed his way through curvacious tumblers and femme fatale cia operatives, i think he might have found a friend in:

OGD (BIB and 114)
all WT expressions (except 80...:rolleyes: )

he's smooth, but his drinks aren't.

he'd love Fighting Cock.

heck, that's one i'd like to try!

anyways, anything over 99 proof......would work.......

of course, STAGG might be used to ignite something....hopefully not any whiskey distillation areas!

oh and he would appreciate Ezra B 12...:cool:

11-15-2008, 13:21
I can't get too excited about Bond's proclivitites.

I want information I can trust, that has a track record, a dependable wing man and likes to fish. I always trust the advice of our own Bourbon Joe in matters as important as good bourbon.

I say
What Would Bourbon Joe Drink!


11-17-2008, 15:54
i don't know, if i was in a jam, i'd might call on joe or james....! joe IS closer....

but just saw the movie last night. VERY good...another great BOND show...james was, early on in the movie...after the first big opening action scene, drinking SOME kind of whiskey.....not vodka....the bottle is flashed by as he goes for a second quick pour...seemed DARK enough to possible be a BOURBON...didn't look like a scotch or irish whisky.....

anyways, as great as the movie was, the plot wasn't as complex as the first new Bond film of Daniel Craig. boy is he the most serious Bond yet!

i thought T. Dalton was dour....but it works here with Craig.

anyways, a good MARTINI recipe is thrown in later in the movie.....the man doesn't get hangovers obviously. and his wounds heal in 12 hours...:rolleyes: :lol: :bowdown: :skep:

11-17-2008, 17:17
I looked at the thread title and thought it might mean:

"What would Jesus be drinking?"

My guess is Jacob's Well. Sounds Biblical enough.

11-17-2008, 19:43
I looked at the thread title and thought it might mean:

"What would Jesus be drinking?"

My guess is Jacob's Well. Sounds Biblical enough.

an apocryphal story tells us he and mary magdalene sipped that from a reserve bottling straight from chardonnay barrels...

11-17-2008, 19:58
an apocryphal story tells us he and mary magdalene sipped that from a reserve bottling straight from chardonnay barrels...

Polyamnesia... what is your background? Phrases like this are not typical of daily conversation.

Okay... back on topic.

I think Bond would drink something like Parker Heritage Collection 27 yo in coke on the rocks. I say that because I think he is slick enough to know what sets the standard, yet bold enough to do it his way.

11-17-2008, 21:27
In reference to the movies:

In Goldfinger (1964), set mostly in Kentucky, Bond mentions bourbon and branch at least once, but I don't recall seeing any brands.

In Goldeneye (1995), Pierce Brosnan's first Bond film, he drinks Jack Daniel's on the rocks.

The franchise now has a formal marketing relationship with Smirnoff, so it's back to vodka martinis, though in Casino Royale (2006) he is stridently indifferent to the manner of preparation.

I confess to loving the Bond films and though I like some (early Connery) more than others (late Moore), if one of them comes on TV I pretty much can't help myself.

The great thing about Bond is that he is not a real connoisseur, it's all just part of his carefully crafted character, which he inhabits 24/7.