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12-17-2008, 11:47
Wasn't sure if this was off-topic or general discussion, but it is bourbon-related, so I'm posting it here.

So after raiding a number of liquor stores, erm sorry "wine shoppes", on Friday, I was taking a number of bottles out of my car and a bottle of VOB 86 came tumbling out and fell onto the concrete driveway.

Horrified, I carefully put the others down as the precious nectar ran down the driveway. I scooped up the bottle and noticed that all that was broken was the plastic cap on top. I put it back in its bag with the others, slapped a coke bottle cap on the top and took them all back into the house, placing the bags with bottles on the carpet in my parents' spare bedroom where I was sleeping. BTW they are dyed in the wool teetotalers.

I wake the next morning to a sweet, heavenly smell. It turns out I hadn't propped the bottles up too securely and the VOB had continued leaking all night and soaked into the carpet. I quickly put the bags up on a plastic container, but the smell lingered.

The next night after sharing sips from a few bottles with two new friends, I decided to avoid more spillage from the two more bottles that had been opened so I just left them in my trunk overnight.

Well, once again, the now three open bottles were not entirely secure, because when I opened the trunk to put my suitcase in on Sunday afternoon it smelled like I had just stepped into a rackhouse.

So I ran inside, grabbed some duct tape, taped up the bottle lids and carefully observed the speed limit the rest of the way home! "What makes you think I've been drinking, officer?" :falling:

Anybody else have any bourbon-related embarassing moments?

12-17-2008, 13:42
Not quite the same, but here is an experience I had recent:


12-17-2008, 14:05
I now carry a milk crate in my trunk in which to put all liquor bottles. Upright. I had a bottle of Armor All leak out all over a sealed bottle of Maker's Mark once. I washed it, removed the soaked label, and left it alone for weeks. Still couldn't get the taste of Armor All out of it.

Dramiel McHinson
12-17-2008, 20:23
Many years ago I was out with friends appreciating how much coke it took to make Rebel Yell go down without yelling. I obviously couldn't get it right so I kept trying. Later, I regained conciousness in a restuarant where a waitress was telling me, "no shirt, no shoes, no service!"

I looked around at all the people looking at me and suddenly realized that all I had on was my jeans. I remember a faint scorched odor. I never found my socks and shoes but one of my buddies grabbed my shirt as they dragged me to the door for a hasty exit. The next day my friends told me that I'd lost my shoes in a bet with another party goer that I could catch the curtains on fire by lighting a fart. When I was disqualified for catching myself on fire, the winner took my new tennies for payment. We then went to the diner where I was attempting to show the tattoo on my back to one of the guests at the diner. This is when the waitress intervened.

I still love my bourbon but now I dont drink so much that I feel feats of pyrotechnic daring do are appropriate for someone my age.

Moonshine Mike
12-18-2008, 13:57
Not directly happening to me but I did help with the clean up...My friend was having a fairly large party and we were hiding his bourbon in the trunk of his car for safe keeping. We kept out a few bottles of ET out for his guests to enjoy with their Bud Light. While the bottles were in his trunk, he 'slammed' a bottle of MM on top of a bottle of Woodford. It broke the top neck of the WR bottle - nothing happened to the MM bottle. Broken glass went every where. He was one step away from throwing it away when I suggested filtering the WR into another bottle. We ended up using a coffee filter and emptied the bottle of WR into an empy rinsed bottle of Makers....now my buddy has a 3/4 full bottle of MM with the label scratched out and WOODFORD written in black marker.