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01-30-2009, 18:37
I've been familiarizing myself with this site for a couple of weeks. Excellent resource and participation! My usuals over the years have been JD, Maker's Mark and WT101. Lately I've accumulated the following:

Knob Creek
Russell's Reserve 90 (I've found that you guys lament the dumbing down of this one, but I keep coming back to it)
Buffalo Trace
W.L.Weller SR
Elijah Craig 12yo
OGD 114

My state has ABC stores that don't always carry what's on the ABC's official price list. But I live near the FL state line and I've found the Van Winkle stuff, half of BT's Ancient Collection and other stuff that you guys talk about regularly about an hour from home. So after doing my homework here, I'm saving up for some PVW 15 and VWFR Lot B. Can't wait to get knee deep in this "hobby".

01-30-2009, 23:18
Welcome Deano! You're off to a good start it seems. For a more formal welcome, check out the thread I started for new members. Hope you enjoy it here. Joe

01-30-2009, 23:39
Thanks for the welcome, Joe. Lots of great info here.

01-31-2009, 00:02
A love a kick in the head... just wait until you see half your rent money go for a Blue wax :)

Welcome to the side.. Its good to see we have 2 fifths the Rat pack in full swing...