View Full Version : Expanding the Bourbon Trail

04-28-2009, 07:34
While in Lexington, I followed up on some of the microdistilling operations that are firing up there.
First, I visited Alltech, where Kentucky Ale is brewed. They have their pot still fully operational and have laid down some barrels of single malt and are warehousing them in Bardstown. (Anyone???)
The still is a Scottish pot still, verisimilar to Woodford set up. They have a new steam boiler. Production is being hampered by demand for beer, since they share fermentation equipment.
The brewery has expanded again.
At some point, they'll have to move the stills and set up separate fermentation.

My second visit was to the very new (November 2008) Barrel House Distilling Company. Its on the property of the old James Pepper Distillery. This is truly a three man operation with a very small pot still, making Pure Blue Vodka and a Honey Rum.
Got to taste both and the rum is very good.
The vodka is like Rain. Its corn based, quadruple distilled in a pot still, so it still has a nice hint of corn sweetness on the finish. I think Doug would appreciate it. Its available in a few stores in Lexington as Pure Blue. (Go Figure)
If you're in Lexington, enter at 1200 Manchester. Go through the gate and make a left. Go 100 feet and enter the blue brick building. (Garage Door)