View Full Version : Tonights Dusty mini tasting-Rum

11-03-2009, 23:42
Ron Matusalem . Not sure of age but probably a 60's-70s bottle. Oh well I am thirsty. I love good rum. Only bourbon is better to me. This is my first dusty rum tasting. Should be interesting. I am more of a Goslings man and less of a Pyrat man. Although Pyrat XO is tasty. Bottle says aged 15 anos(years). 80 proof-it is rum. I will post pic.,test and post back.

11-04-2009, 00:00
Mini poured into glass.

Upon twisting off cap smells revealed oak and toffee. Its still good. Here I go again.

Upon pour and a few swirls-strong smell of alcohol but in a sweet nutty way

I allow a few minutes for it to catch some air.

Still sweet after all the years, Oak, turns into a nice burn of sweet bread finishes like Chocolate.

I would definitely recommend Ron Matusalem. 80 proof is weak in liquor terms to me but It seems to me all older whiskey and this rum tended to accelerate in their woodiness over time. .All of the other minis I have tried 70s makers mark, 70's, 1957 Old Charter, Iw Harper 10 all have overly distinct woody overtones not present in under . Last sip gone.:slappin: