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10-16-2010, 15:40
I have been looking all over the DFW metroplex for various bottles, all month.

Today, I allocated the entire day to hunting them down, and discovered something cool, but very basic.

At one store, I asked after Pappy 20, fully expecting the "we're already out" response that I got. In frustration, I asked, "Do you know anyone else around here who might have it?!"

I got a Miracle on 34th Street response! They mentioned another store up the road that they think "specializes in that sort of thing".

At the second store, they laughed at the though that they might specisalize in "that sort of thing," but pointed me to another liquor store where they were pretty sudre there was some Pappy still on the shelves.

The third store had Lot B, but no other Pappy, but the main counter guy used to work at another store, called them up to see if they still had any, and asked them to hold three bottles of the Pappy for me.

I came away with a bottle of 15 yo Pappy, three bottles of 20 yo Pappy and a bottle of GTS.

All because I asked someone.

Of course, I may have to hock the cats :rolleyes: to cover the charge, but I had a very good afternoon. And I have several new stores who WILL get repeat business.