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06-03-2011, 08:13

Prepare for Battle! Fruity Flavors Invade the Whiskey Bottle

By Richard Goldsmith
Published June 02, 2011
| FoxNews.com

Nothing we do not already know but it does look at some of the motivations..

"Bird Dog" Gold medal winner....not sure what competition category it would be in..."flavored whiskey"?

06-03-2011, 08:43
This is all good (and nice to see Leopold in that list!) but the marriage of fruit and whiskey does go back a long way. Rock and Rye is the old-school version for straight rye and there was, yes, Rock and Bourbon. Drambuie for scotch, Irish Mist for Irish whiskey, etc. The Old-Fashioned Cocktail married fruity and sweet flavors to bourbon. So did mixing bourbon with some types of soda. It's something old re-introduced and that's all to the good because a dash of fruity sweetness goes well with whiskey. If it's too sweet, cut it with a regular whiskey sold by the same, or another, producer. Very easy.