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01-06-2012, 21:42
In the months of February and March, I will be posted up in Olathe, Kansas for my job duties. On the weekends I'll drive back to Oklahoma to see my wife and to young children, but during weeknights I'll be seeking the comfort of good alcohol in their absence.

Oklahoma is fairly limited in what the can get - no Van Winkle stuff, no BTAC. Shoot, we just got Buffalo Trace the brand, and Red Hook beer, in the last 12 months or so. But hey, at least our prices are great (EW Black Label is 8.99 for 750, Eagle Rare is $25, Blanton's is $37).

My question is - would it be worth it to drive to the MO side of Kansas City to explore buying my bourbon, or is the stuff on the Kansas side sufficient? Are there items that are distributed in one state but not the other? I spend a lot of time in St Louis but my inlaws are die hard Busch fans (lord help them, but I love them anyway).

Any joints you can recommend to visit, be it a specific package store or drinking establishment?


Kasey in Tulsa

kc outdoorsman
01-11-2012, 08:41
Berbigula (?spelling) has a bunch of stores on the Missouri side. Often teh grocery stores in Missouri have decent selection as does Gomer's. Red X in Riverside is pretty decent and good selection.

01-11-2012, 17:53
I can't find a list of what bourbons are distributed in KS or MO, so I can't really compare the two for you. Most of what I drink would be middle shelf priced at best. I can't really think of anything that can be found in MO but no KS.

I'm really interested in the topic and I wish I had more to share. If you're wondering what mid-shelf bourbon is or is not available in KS, I could probably answer that one as I've poured over the catalogs our local retailers can select from.