View Full Version : Peacock Distillery, RD #10, 7th District, Bourbon County

01-13-2013, 15:49
I love the history, especially the Pre Prohibition history. Apparently, my grandfather did as well, as he saved numerous documents related to the distillery. I am in the process of framing as many as I can which are and will be on display at the distillery in Maysville. I am hoping to attach to this thread documents regarding the dismantling of the historic Peacock Distillery which my grandfather bought in 1911 and "scrapped" in 1916. Page 1 is from Sam Cecil's book to give some background. I thought it was interesting just to see what all was in the old distilleries compared to what are in today's distilleries. How awesome would it be if you could buy the complete distillery with stills and warehouses for $7200? Wow. Please let me know if they attach.

Peter Pogue

01-13-2013, 16:32
Yes, your documents did attach. Very interesting. I would be interested to see some old photos if you have any.

mark fleetwood
01-13-2013, 20:50
Peter, very cool. Have you ever found & tramped the site or is it under a KMart parking lot now?

01-13-2013, 22:08
Very interesting stuff Peter - thanks for sharing. :)