View Full Version : A Few Minutes With Balcones True Blue

03-22-2013, 20:23
Noticed that the place I had lunch at today had a bottle of Balcones True Blue on the shelf, and figured I'm not going to buy a bottle but I'd like to give it a taste. Only a single pour, so I won't claim to be very familiar with it, but thought I'd share my initial impressions since search shows no one has had a tasting post on it in a while.

Tall pour... thankfully, cost me $13 so I was happy to see we were most of the way to a double. Neat, water back.

The short of it, is to me this drinks like angry port.

Long of it, the nose on this is really great. Big brown sugar, some cinnamon, then a medley of what I'd call fruitcake spices that come together at the finish. Mouthfeel is similar to other corn whiskeys I've had like Mellow Corn, a bit of that oily mouth coating experience, pleasant. Taste starts with corn and brown sugary sweetness, moves to spice, and peppery heat. Flavors drop off and heat stick around for a medium-long finish.

Overall impressions was enjoyable. Not sure I'll be picking up a bottle yet, but I did enjoy it, and that nose is something else. To me that was something really interesting to experience in such a young pour. Drinks a bit rough, but I felt that to be more from the youth than the cask strength, for 123 proof it was quite nice.

Doh, my bad on putting in the bourbon tasting area. Thanks mods.

03-22-2013, 20:29
haven't had the chance to try the true blue yet. sounds like it might be something to try. i liked brimstone, and that's polarizing, and the single malt, to me, was meh.

03-23-2013, 17:02
Great notes, thanks for taking the time to post.

I've enjoyed the bottle i bought. Goes great with grilled meat or late night hockey viewing.