View Full Version : Twisted Spoke Bourbon

Theron Volkman
11-21-1999, 08:10
I recently purchased a bottle of Twisted Spoke Bourbon on the recommendation of the liquor store owner. The label shows
two motorcycles and a rural scene. Also on the label are the words 16 years of sucking wood & waiting 105 proof. It is
bottled by Commenwealth Dustillery. The whiskey is quite good. I suspect this is a van winkle product. Anyone know anything
about this whiskey? I can only obtain two van winkle products here in Nebraska, the 13yo rye and the 20yo family reserve so
this appears to be a good find.


11-21-1999, 10:49
That label is indeed one that I bottle for a restaruant(biker bar) in Chicago. The owner wanted to have his own private label, and that's something that I can do. With the popularity of Harleys these days, I sell it in a few markets. KY, MO., NB., LA., and of course at the Twisted Spoke in Chicago. Glad you liked it.
Unfortunately, my wholsaler in Nebraska has only bought those three labels up until now. Hopefully more later.
Julian Van Winkle