View Full Version : OFBB and Old Forrester Rebate

02-16-2004, 21:16
While I was shopping for X-mas gifts for friends and myself, I purchased several bottles of OFBB Fall version. On the shelf is a pad of rebate forms. X$ off on any 750 ml or L OF product. So I keep my receipt and head home with my selection. To my surprise, the UPC's are painted onto the OFBB and can't be removed. Puzzled, I sent an e-mail to the "Contact Us" on the web. I get a response today, "Your check for $18.00 is in the mail. Thanks for supporting Old Forrester." Signed Elaine. Now, that's customer service. Do you think GM will believe I bought an Escalade and send me that 3 grand rebate?

02-17-2004, 21:29
That's great customer service, but seems like something was wrong with the folks who thought up the rebate program. I wonder if the rebate was available just in your market. I haven't heard anything about it up here.

Shoot, I'm still trying to find out from the distributor if the OFBB Fall is here. I hate Charmer Industries!

02-17-2004, 22:28
I'm pretty sure the rebate was designed for the OF 86 crowd and not the OFBB crowd. It did say "ANY" OF product on the rebate form, although only the 86 and 100 are shown. I'm probably one of a few rebate form folks that also buys OFBB. Heck, Liquor Barn took 5% off the bottle price for buying a case of six. Aren't I the savvy shopper? I even asked them to match the price at the Thoroughbred Shop that was 50 cents cheaper a bottle and they agreed without question.