View Full Version : Buffalo Trace Tasting at Nicholson's in Lexington

04-28-2004, 18:45
I just got back from Nicholson's, formerly the Cigar Bar, and now a smokeless cigar bar. To my surprise, John Vereeke from Buffalo Trace was there for a tasting. Great!! It seems the Bourbon Club at Nicholson's sponsored the event.
A reporter from the Beverage Tasting Institute was there. Other than staff, there were a total of about 5 patrons. Ten bucks got you a first cocktail, a hearty handclasp, stuffed mushrooms, fruti and cheese. Lucky, John hooked me up with a couple of refills. The Bourbon Club has 46 members and for your membership you get to buy all 53 bourbons. IF you do, at a total cost of over $400, you get your name on a placque. Be still my heart. They're gonna have to do better than that.