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12-30-1999, 20:42
Greetings all, : We are looking for info that maybe you can help with. We are
looking for the company that makes Jeremiah Weed Bourdon Liqueur. Canít

find any info. Thanks for your help.


12-31-1999, 13:25
I think Seagrams makes Jeremiah Weed, but I'm not positive. Also, unless I'm confusing it with something else, Jeremiah Weed is a liqueur based on Canadian Whisky, not bourbon. It was created and is positioned to compete with Southern Comfort. Unlike Southern Comfort, which contains no actual whiskey of any kind, Jeremiah Weed does contain some Canadian whisky.

- chuck

12-31-1999, 13:47
Thanks for your reply. I checked seagrams web site, but no info. How would I locate distributors?


08-08-2000, 12:27
What exactly is Southern Comfort, and how do they make the stuff. I checked out their web site, and they talked more about Louisiana than their product. It was pretty ambiguous.

Noel E. Jacinto

08-13-2000, 17:49
Southern Comfort is a liqueur. It is a concoction of flavoring (apricot primarily), coloring, sugar and alcohol. It is simply mixed up and bottled. No aging. Jeremiah Weed is the same, except it does contain some small amount of actual Canadian Whisky.

--Chuck Cowdery (http://cowdery.home.netcom.com)