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12-21-1999, 20:11
I recently came across a 1/2 gallon clay jug Daniel Boone, Distilled by the Old Boone Distillery Co. of Meadow Lawn Ky. The whiskey is 86 proof,The Jug is called Pioneer Jug. Would some one be able to give some information onthis company and it's product
Thank You Very Much

12-22-1999, 07:51
The Old Boone Distillery, DSP-KY-39, was torn down about 1979. It was just south of Louisville along the Ohio River. Their bourbon was rye based and not bad. Austin-Nichols Co. used to buy bulk whiskey from them to support their growing Wild Turkey brand. Bill Padgent was the distiller there. After Old Boone, he work as plant manager at Maker's mark until he retired a few years ago.

12-17-2000, 08:35

Do you have any more information about the Old Boone Distillery - or could you direct me to more info? I would indeed like to include a record on this distillery on The Whisky Portal.

Thank you.

Dennis Klindrup