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03-12-2006, 09:41
I see a whisky labeled "Canadian Special Oil" on the shelves here.
Does anybody know about this brand? I can find nothing about it on the web. When I search about Canadian Whisky, Canadian Club comes first, and a few others but nothing about "Canadian Special Oil". The price of it is rather low here, so I'm thinking to try but first I wanted to ask.

Any info appreciated...

03-12-2006, 10:17
I have never heard of that one, the term "oil" strikes me as odd. Is it a reference to some aspect of Canadian industry (e.g. the graphics on the label or carton)? Some Canadian whiskies use motifs of the Far North or other such imagery (certain animals) but I can't think of what this might refer to.


03-12-2006, 22:36
Never heard of it. Does it say where it was distilled (in what province)?

03-13-2006, 12:48
I'll go to the supermarket and examine the bottle again, may be I'll take a pic. of it. Then I'll give you the details and ask again. Thank you, for now...

03-13-2006, 22:35
Please tell me it's not produced by the Esso Distillery.....:slappin::puke:

03-14-2006, 04:23
I was thinking with a name like that, perhaps Alberta Distillers.

03-15-2006, 12:56
The producer is "Hiram Walker and Sons, Walkerville, Ontario, Canada". Well, there's not even a word about it on their own website. This whisky is like a "living dead" :) It exists, but nobody knows about it.

I asked to the company, though. I'm lookisng forward to hear what they'll say.
and possibly, I'll give that whisky a try, becouse the decanter-like bottle, red-brown color and the low price are really seductive :)

03-23-2006, 13:42
I asked to the guy at the store from where I usually buy my drinks, and he said that this was a lower shelf version of the Canadian Club. Well, I didn't buy it yet. I was there to buy a Jack Daniels...

03-23-2006, 13:56
Somehow this thread keeps making me think of folk lore regarding the use of moonshine or other liquor to fuel automobiles. Turn about is fair play, don't you think? :grin:

Of course the use of commercially produced ethanol as an additive to gasoline is now a reality. Perhaps one such fuel will someday be marketed under the name "Canadian Special Whiskey".

In case you're wondering, no, I haven't had anything to drink so far today. :grin:

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield

03-23-2006, 13:58
Well, I think CC is bad enough, but a LOWER grade CC...

03-25-2006, 05:47
Well, I think CC is bad enough, but a LOWER grade CC...
I was going to say the same thing. I'd love to see a pic of the bottle though.