View Full Version : Jim Beam Gold 8yr...???

04-27-2006, 01:07
Hi all....:grin:
Just wondering if someone can provide some info on this bottle
- Jim Beam gold 8yr old
It's not the Beam Bonded.

Tim I'm counting on you(TN)....:Clever:

Hope you are all havin a top night @ The Sampler!!
I will be hosting one of my own in the coming months, if anyone is interested. I will be also hosting an information evening(along with tasting) in the coming months too so any Aussies here that may like to attend please contact me and I will provide details....
Here are some of the bottles that MAY end up on the 'Table'....

05-01-2006, 17:04
i've seen the jim beam green label 8 yr, maybe its just a different label in australia?