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07-07-2001, 12:36
A few years back some friends and I were in the duty free shop at the Munich Airport where my friend bought a bottle of a Kentucky Whiskey called "Kentucky Mist". I had never seen or heard of it before or since. Does anyone have any information about it?

07-07-2001, 13:18
If I remember correctly, Kentucky Mist was a whiskey liqueur, not a whiskey, along the lines of Wild Turkey Liqueur. Since Wild Turkey Liqueur claims to be the only Bourbon-based liqueur on the market, my guess would be that Kentucky Mist is no longer made. I think it was a Seagram's product, introduced about the same time as their Benchmark bourbon.

I might be wrong about all of this, but that is what popped into my head when I saw the name.

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07-08-2001, 10:56
Thinks for the reply but, I don't believe that it was a liqueur. The guy that bought it is a whiskey drinker and he has tried to find the stuff he in the states ever since that trip. I assumed that someone bottled it in the U.S. for export only.

07-08-2001, 12:05
I may be confusing it with Irish Mist, which is an Irish Whiskey liqueur. Another part of my brain was telling me Kentucky Mist was an old brand that advertised with what for its day passed for cheesecake, but that was Kentucky Dew. I did some research and couldn't find any mention of Kentucky Mist, but still another part of my brain tells me it was a bourbon Barton made, back in the days when it also owned Canadian Mist. Sorry. Best I can do. I get misty just thinking about it.

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