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07-10-2006, 13:18
Hi Bettye Jo, got a question for you (if you are available these days, that's quite a travel schedule you've got). :) :)

I've got a full bottle of Henry McKenna 10 year old Single Barrel BIB. The whiskey is divine but my question is about the bottle.

On the base it states, embossed in the glass, "Liquor Bottle". Also, what seems to be the initials JG. Next to that, it seems to say 56A. Under the word "Liquor" appears a 9. At the bottom of the base, various single numbers appear in different spots, some almost illegible, as if the bottle has been around for a while (yet the whiskey was barreled 6/2/94, from barrel 278, so the bottling is recent).

Is it possible to know what the markings on the base mean (apart from Liquor Bottle :))? If these are any kind of secret of course don't disclose it, but if not I'm curious to know what the codes mean. Is there any chance this is old bottle inventory from 1956 (which would just enhance its interest for me)? It has a normal plastic screw cap assembly with safety seal, so this would seem unlikely, although some bottles from then were closed with metal screw caps which would fit on a bottle like this.

The whiskey is really good, caramel rich with good wood integration and not too much of the trade mark minty HH taste for some reason. It has a soft mouth feel too, a good sweet element, and a pleasing unity from the BIB. This is top quality and better than any HH I think I've ever had, it must be from the best honey barrels from old DSP 31.


07-11-2006, 08:34
Hi Gary,

I don't have a bottle for reference but by your description...I can tell you that the JG is probably the mark of the maker (Anchor). Looks like a anchor? Some of the number's you tell are the machine and mold numbers. Some (but not all) of our bottles have the date the glass was made. I reference the numbers quite often when "bad glass" is my suspect when crashes occur. Most of the time, the bottom of the bottle is the only thing left after a major crash. I collect all "intact" pieces that I can find and see if the mold numbers are common.

Glass does not stick around very long at Heaven Hill. Anchor has a hard time keeping us stocked. Many times we have to change order's because there are no cases...Empty glass warehouse does not have bottles stored there very long :grin: :grin: Sometimes, they are loaded from the truck straight to the line :grin:

Hope this helps...

07-11-2006, 08:56
Very helpful Bettye Jo, thanks! The symbol does look like an anchor. Based on your explanation probably the bottle is recent stock. And the whiskey is really good, please tell the Parkers and the tasting panel: if they can keep close to this profile they have a winner!


07-12-2006, 19:17
I refer to the indecipherable markings on the bottom of glass jars and bottles as "vitroglyphics."