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11-07-2006, 20:04
Tonight, after a Rittenhouse 80-based Red Hook :yum:, and then a Martinez (Plymouth Gin/NP white vermouth/Luxardo triple sec/Fee's aromatic bitters) :yum:, I decided I needed a peat fix.

After a long hiatus, I revisited my Connemara Cask Strength. I chose wisely. WOW, it seems even more intense than I remember it - it's into Laphroaig CS territory, and at 60% it's a few percentage points stronger in ABV to boot. :woohoo:

There's a very subtle earthiness that makes it distinctly different from the Islays - it's like sitting beside a fire after being out in a grassy meadow on a rainy day, and it has a long, warm, lingering finish. It's a peat monster with an Irish touch, for sure. By comparison, Ardbegs give me a cocoa impression, while Laphroaigs tend to give me more of a "seagoing" effect.

As with anything in the 107+ proof range, it's strictly for sipping... but oh, it's a peat freak's dream.

11-08-2006, 06:00
Agreed, awesome stuff. My favorite of their line.