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11-28-2006, 23:27
Hi everyone,

Having just moved to Colorado, I'm finding it difficult finding a store with an excellent selection of bourbon. I have found several amazing whisk(e)y pubs, but am looking for stores that carry a great selection of bourbon.

I am located 30 miles north of Denver (Lafeyette) and have shopped at Daveco (Thornton) and Liquor Mart (Boulder). While these two places carry most brands (LM being the better of the two, with the exception of the prices), I'm having a hard time finding special releases/rareer bottlings, which is what I'm seeking.

Your help would be appreciated.


11-29-2006, 00:55
Check out Applejack's and Argonauts, both located in Denver and both have very good selections. I'd look them up online to find exact locations.

If you're a Scotch fan, find the bar, "Pints" has the most amazing Scotch selection, I've ever seen.

Denver is a good whiskey city, I doubt you'll have any problem. Boulder also has a good selection of stores, but it's been too long since I've been there to remember the best places to shop.

11-29-2006, 23:35
Thanks Tim.

Pint's Pub is one of the bars I was referring to. An amazing place, indeed!

I've been to all of the top stores in Boulder, and most of their bourbon selection is nice, but falls short of excellence.

11-30-2006, 03:35
Thanks Tim.

Pint's Pub is one of the bars I was referring to. An amazing place, indeed!

The last time I was in Denver, I only made it to Pints once, I wish I had had more time and the place hadn't been packed with drunk kids. :hot: That didn't help at all.

But look up Argonauts and AppleJack's. I was very happy with both of their selections. I'm sure you can find directions on the net. The prices were very up and down at Applejack's there were some great deals, but some bottles were very overpriced. Also they only take cash or checks, no credit or debit cards. Because of that I wasn't able to pick anything up.
Argonauts also has a very nice selection and pretty good prices on about everything. They also seemed to have a lot of items on sale very regularly, that's always nice.

I hope this helps, good luck and have fun searching for new finds.