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Hedmans Brorsa
01-03-2002, 01:57
In the celebrated series "Reviving unhip subjects" we have now arrived at Barton. To put it simply : does any one know of a place in the U.S. or Canada which does mail order and can send me a bottle of Very Old Barton? (Proof doesnīt matter).

Iīve tried everywhere in Europe and although there are some whiskey-shops with respectable selections of american whiskey I have yet to encounter any one who sells VOB. An e-mail to the Barton home page did me no good either. They never bothered to reply ( I got the impression that the site was aimed at wholesale customers).

From the few postings on the subject I gather that VOB also can be quite hard to track down in the U.S. so I donīt hold out much hope but any info would be much appreciated...

Best wishes,

01-03-2002, 05:30
Hey Hedmans! I find Very Old Barton to be tragiclly hip - so much so that I have to drive to Kentucky to buy it. The BIB is good but the last bottle of 90 proof I had was even better. Hard to get and under appreciated that's VOB.

Linn Spencer

Have Shotglass. Will Travel.

Hedmans Brorsa
01-04-2002, 08:59

Your opinion is exactly what makes the prospect of tasting this particular bourbon so attractive. There must, after all, be something extremely appealing about something that seem to prevail against all odds. Oh well, I guess I have to fly to Kentucky myself to get the damn thing. :o)

Best wishes,

01-07-2002, 07:17
Try Randalls. They may not have it on their web site, but might be able to get some for you. If possible, get the bottled in bond.

Just so your expectations aren't too high, VOB is an excellent bourbon but not an exceptional one, in the sense that I would rank brands like Blanton's, Woodford Reserve, Kentucky Spirit and others above it. It is rare simply because the maker chooses not to distribute it outside the South. Also FYI, you can taste Barton whiskey by drinking Ten High. Although it is not as good as VOB, it may be easier to find. Most US stores will have it, although they probably won't promote it on their web sites because it is considered a "bottom shelf" brand.

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Hedmans Brorsa
01-07-2002, 12:27

Again, thanks a lot for the info. I notice now that it is actually a european site - shame on me - i thought I had them pretty much covered (as far as whiskey goes, that is).

I donīt harbour any grand illusions about VOB. Itīs just that I canīt seem to get it off my mind. Also, I have an ambition to taste the premium brand from every distiller.

Best wishes,

P.S I have actually tasted Barton whiskey. We have Kentucky Gentleman here in Sweden. A charming whiskey in its own right, although nowhere near as exciting as J*m M****y makes it out to be. No accounting for taste, I suppose...