View Full Version : Building An Evening Cocktail

03-22-2007, 15:50
I am at the point where published, or otherwise accepted, cocktail recipes are just a starting point.

Probably I end up with something that actually has a name, or did in some 1800's manual, but it doesn't matter. I have the confidence now that if I like it, I drink it.

Tonight I started with a blend of Canadian whiskies: I used old school whiskies only: three or four CRs; some Wiser's Special Reserve; some CC sherry cask. There is a dash in there too of ORVW 13 year old rye, it was in that Wiser's I added.

Then: about 1 part (to about two of whisky) of an orange liqueur. I used a white (non-cognac-based) liqueur that is new in our market, from Israel.

Then Peycheaud's bitters: two good dashes.

The result was nice but little lacking: I added a dash of Knob Creek.

Now we're rocking, it is a very nice whiskey cocktail, milder than I am used to but with depth.

Ice is otiose.

Johnny Winter (or Colin James): optional.


03-22-2007, 16:11
Second half of the drink: ditto as earlier mentioned but with a dash of Pikesville Supreme Straight Rye and a squeeze of lemon with the slice thrown in.

It's good this way too, but a different band is needed, ZZ Top, say, or Jimi at Woodstock.

If it was Saturday night, that would help. :)