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03-03-2002, 19:09
More history different spot.

My great-uncle Everett (C.E. Beam) is on the left. He developed the renowned Michter's Pot Still Whiskey for Pennco Distillers.

Bettye Jo

03-03-2002, 19:20
A label with Everett's name on it. His given name is Charles Everett Beam. (aka C.E. Beam).

Bettye Jo

03-04-2002, 17:00
Couldn't do that today. I believe Jim Beam Co. has the clout to prevent any other Beam from attaching his (or her) name to a whiskey label. Heaven Hill, in some cases, has had to resort to referring to Parker Beam as "Mr. Parker."

And my old friend from Louisville, Bob McDonald, probably couldn't use his own name on a hamburger stand.

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03-04-2002, 17:56
Nice photo, this puts a face on the man who cooked up A.H.Hirsch.

Bobby Cox

03-04-2002, 22:59
Hi Chuck,

Ya learn something everyday!!!!!! I know he is in BOURBON HEAVEN just lookin down and smiling at me right now. I wonder if this is the last label with another Beam name on it?

He worked for Pennco for 40 years.

Bettye Jo