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04-05-2002, 05:28
I got a old bottle of Bourbon with a decanter. The name of the Brand is W.C.Fields. Picture is available under http://www.whisky-info.de/Scotch/Bestand/rar.htm
If have anyone a idea about the source of this bourbon, please send me an email.

04-05-2002, 11:42
That's a pretty cool find. It doesn't look particularly old, i.e., not from Fields heyday. The label bears a resemblance to some Heaven Hill label designs. McCormick is another possibility, as they were big in the decanter biz. Even Kulsveen's operation is another possibility. He has done a lot of decanters on Americana themes, primarily for export to Asia. There should be a place of origin identified on the label somewhere. What does that say?

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04-05-2002, 13:56
Have you looked for the D.S.P. number? If it's old I suppose it predates upc codes . That bottle reminds me of an old I.W.Harper bottle.

Bobby Cox

04-06-2002, 00:21
In the bottom line of the Label, what canīt be seen on the attached picture is:
Especially selected and bottled by Turtle Bay Distilling Co. Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
Distributed by Carillon Importers, Ltd. N.Y.C. 10022
In the glas, under the label is:
In the glas, on the ground site of the bottle is following:
69 68
5 D401
On the bottle stamp is US Internal Revenue Tax Paid Distilled Spirits with an American eagle..

04-06-2002, 17:03
The fact that it's a fifth means it dates to before the switch to metric. The bottle dates are consistent with that and probably right: 1968-1969. Carillon is best known as the outfit that distributed Absolut and built it into a major brand under the direction of president Michael Roux. They subsequently became US distributors of Stolichnaya. Lawrenceburg suggests Hoffman as the source, the operation Julian VanWinkle now owns. I seem to recall Julian stating at one time that Hoffman was in the decanter business.

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