View Full Version : Newbie from Ontario, Canada

12-18-2007, 14:26
Hi All,

Just thought I would say Hi after discovering this great site. I'm envious of the selection you guys have south of the border. Not alot of selection here in Ontario. The LCBO is government controlled, and doesn't stray much from a select few. MM, KC, Bulleit, WT 80, Beam, enough JD to sink a battleship, and Woodford's are pretty well all I can get here, and don't ask about prices!

I'm just getting started after discovering WT a little while ago, so any suggestions would be welcome!


Special Reserve
12-18-2007, 16:44

Welcome aboard. How far are you from a duty free? Or the States? Duty free does not have too much selection but does have better pricing at times.


12-19-2007, 07:18
I'm about 2 hours from Buffalo, but have friends that go across from time to time, so hopefully I can get some WT 101 soon! WT 80 is nice, not so harsh as I remember other whisky I have had (JD) so thats a nice change...