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06-24-2002, 21:14
I was going tho the State Store with it square in my mind that I was gonna get a bottle of Maker's Mark and that was that. Well when I got there and realized that MM was $23 a fifth I decided to try out a theory I read from Online here!

bobbyc said "Its weird isn't it. It only improves by degrees and it costs to get there."

So In Lieu on MM I bought two bottles of less expensive bourbon to see if thats a better buy in my mind. I Bought Old Ezra 7 year@ $11.50 and Evan William 7 year @ $10.30, so I spent $21.80 and got two good bourbons instead. I guess time will only tell how my little "experiment" pans out.


06-25-2002, 04:35
Hope I didn't steer you wrong Tom. Wow 23 for Maker's , do they provide the vasiline ? I guess it's a captive market, what a screwing . It's just now getting close to 20 here in Ky and if you watch the sale adds and do a little planning you can always get it for about 15 or 16 a 750ml. I don't think you'l be dissapointed with the Ezra . I've drank it if the brand had more recognition they could probably charge more. The Evan Williams is a good basic Bourbon .

Bobby Cox

06-25-2002, 08:14
You did good...I'm with Bobby here, that's too much to pay for Makers. Your best buy there was that Ezra 7 year 101, that's a pretty danged good whiskey for the money. I buy Evan Williams 7 year on sale and keep it handy for my 'mixed drink' pals. It's also one of my cooking bourbons, along with Old Charter.

06-28-2002, 22:34
<font color="red"> Nope, you steered me in the right direction all the way! The 7 YO Old Ezra is definitely a find at that price and is Bourbon plain and simple (vanilla, wood, spice on the end) you just can't go wrong with that! Linn brought back the "what Makes Bourbon, Bourbon?" thread a while back and I think Old Ezra 7 would be a good example to use when describing that.

Also, Opening the bottle of Evan williams reaffirms my enjoyment of that budget priced bourbon. i have enjoyed that one since before it was legally possible to do such (we used to drink it in high school cause it looked like it had a JD #7 label but was much cheaper. . . . .I still like it better than JD btw). I find it to be another good no frills bourbon. . . . I was reading reviews for it on Epinions the other day and they all said it was wretched, I think they judged it too harshly, they all seemed to think that smoothness is the hallmark of the perfect bourbon, which is not always the case. Anyway Bobby, your theory worked for me!!

TomC </font color>

06-29-2002, 10:52
Tom, Wonderful news It's good to be able to enjoy a product and also know you've gotten good value for the money. As the Ezra 7 101 goes I've paid more and gotten less so this Bourbon for me anyway is a SOLID VALUE. It's a 16.00 dollar bourbon that costs 11.00 dollars we could use more of that!