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02-25-2008, 20:35
I still like Gentleman Jack (don't worry, BT is helping me kick the habit). Is the JD single barrel worth the extra cost? Is is any better than the GJ? BTW, I pay $28 for the GJ and the single barrel Jack runs $42.


02-25-2008, 21:48
I do not think so... for the $42... get a good bourbon... or two GJs

02-26-2008, 07:38
In my opinion its better than the Gentleman Jack. Fourty two bucks is pretty steep. The last bottle of Single Barrel I bought, I payed 36 dollars for, but it has been a while.

At 36 dollars, because at the time I was flush with cash, it was worth it. If only, because I remain A JD fan. I may despise Brown-Forman for dropping the proof of their standard Black label twice since I started drinking it, but I still want to have a JD and Coke once in a while. Single Barrel is also also good neat. One of the last times I drank some neat, I had it along side piece of A peppermint ice cream cake. It proved to be a good combo.

05-23-2008, 11:11
I bought a mini of JD SB to try last week. A 750 costs a whopping $42 in NH, which is known for cheap booze (Stagg costs $47). I was very disappointed with the JD, I don't like the regular JD and the Gentleman Jack isn't much better to me. I guess it's the cardboard flavor that I get from JD, no matter SB or No. 7. blech.

is the single barrel JD the same age as their other bottles? I just don't get it. I've been in liquor stores doing the whole "staring at the shelves" thing, trying to mentally decide what I'm in the mood for, and seen other people doing the same thing. Sometimes for like 10-15 minutes (I'll go check in with the wife in the wine dept, etc..) come back and some guy who's been staring for 15 minutes will finally grab a handle of JD 7. with all the great bourbons on the shelf. was this guy just torn between beam white and JD? sheesh..

sorry for the tangent...

05-23-2008, 12:58
JD Single Barrel is about 2 years older than regular Jack Daniels. I find the quality of JD Single Barrel really depends on the barrel. I believe you would enjoy for example the bottlings done on February 1, 2008. These are rich, cherry-like and not banana/papery-like. Still, JD Single Barrel is Jack Daniels and has some of the trademark taste...

I have seen people do exactly what you describe, spend 10-15 minutes deciding what to buy and then buy something widely purchased. I think they are considering buying something different but can't bring themselves to do it. They may not realize that bourbon and Tennessee whiskey flavors, albeit showing differences from each other, operate in a relatively narrow band for this purpose, especially given that most people will drink the liquor mixed.

Unlike with scotch, when you try something different in bourbon or rye, you are not really taking that much of a risk, at least in the major age or price brackets - IMO.


05-23-2008, 13:16
Just on the point of inspecting what you buy, recently I saw a middle-aged lady in a casino order a Newcastle Brown Ale. Once the bottle was in hand, she turned it around and around, carefully reading everything on it (sometimes twice I think). She was completely absorbed in the label information. Then she carefully looked at the colour in the neck, from different angles. Then, finally (after what seemed a few minutes), she drank some directly from the bottle. Her face showed complete impassiveness after: I couldn't tell if she liked it, detested it, or was indifferent. Then she put it down and turned her attention to the slot machine.

I have never seen someone (apparently not a beer geek) so intrigued and interested in the bottle information. I considered approaching her to tell her what I know about Newkie Brown (quite a lot) but then thought the better of it, e.g., maybe her English wasn't good, or ... I don't know, I just thought for once I wouldn't say anything.


09-07-2008, 02:30
I have now had the pleasure of trying all of the regular versions of JD. The regular JD, is okay. GJ, is better. JD Single Barrel is good. JD Silver Select (overseas only), is exceptional. IMHO, for what it's worth. Joe