View Full Version : Straight Bourbon.com glasses?

03-12-2008, 03:52
I just made some etched glasses (Riedel Stemless) for a guy on Whisky Mag. Is anyone interested in Straight Bourbon glasses? Do we have a copyright on it? Who should I ask permissin from?

03-12-2008, 04:56

Anything in that regard you would have to pass by Jim Butler
He's da boss :grin:


09-07-2008, 02:57
I will be bringing a sample of some laser engraved glasses to the KBF. I only have a half a dozen. Some are spoken for, but, if anyone is interested, I can maybe get a deal from the local business (one man operation) I had engrave them. I will say that some of this guys work is impressive. The more glasses he does, the cheaper it is. I'm not advertising for him. He is only vaguely aware of what I'm doing. I just thought it could be something special for members of SB.Com. I picked out the glasses I liked. Cheapies, just for a sample. He did tell me that any glasses made in China are difficult to work with. Problems with the way they temper their glass. Anything else would not be a problem. See me at the KBF if you're interested. Hope I didn't violate SB policy Jim. Apologies if i did. Joe

09-07-2008, 03:37
The only thing with laser engraved glass of any kind is the engraving is poor. When a laser makes more than a single pass on glass, it starts chipping slag and leaves extremely rough edges. A laser would have to make 20+ passes to create any depth and after 20 passes it would be unrecognizable. Generally speaking that is why glass isn't laser etched, regardless of tempering, iron or lead content.

09-07-2008, 04:54
I have personally seen some of this mans work. One of the teams I bowled on, got a bottle of JD and some glasses engraved to commemorate one of our teammates bowling a 300. That's what gave me this idea in the first place. He also has samples at his place of business. Everything from glassware, wood, marble, plastic, and metal, to a basketball. He did a special Italian glass bowl for Ernie Banks and the Chicago Cubs to present to Ron Santo, when Ron didn't make it into the Baseball Hall Of Fame. I'm not trying to make any money off this. I just thought it would be something that the members of SB might be able to have some fun with. Heck, this guy is only vaguely aware of why I'm ordering the glasses anyway. From pictures, samples and what I have seen, this man's work is top notch. Joe