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07-28-2002, 06:30
All 9 miners came out of the mine, alive and asking for a drink. I say they have the right idea, and poured a glass of rye. To the nine miners, and to everyone who helped get 'em out. Good job!

07-28-2002, 08:49



07-28-2002, 09:57
I felt some real sense of relief when I read that in the newspaper this morning. It was nice to see some positive news in the paper for a change. Bravo!
I'm in awe that the rescuers got those folks out alive. Just think of how relieved their families must be!

It would seem most appropriate to raise a glass of A. H. Hirsch if you've got it http://www.straightbourbon.com/ubbthreads/images/icons/cool.gif

07-29-2002, 07:44
You're so right, Jim. Hirsch rye it is! By the way, the local coverage from WTAE in Pittsburgh had it that the first thing the guys asked for when the phone was lowered was some chew. The docs wouldn't let them near beer or whiskey yesterday because of dehydration.

Signing off from southwest PA, where liberty's cradle produces men like these.

Ralph Wilps