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    Re: Long time scotch new to bourbon

    Welcome aboard. Have fun. A pretty welcoming bunch here - ask questions, share opinions, and you'll learn things and have fun.
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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 4/14: Weller Special Reserve

    I bought a bottle fairly early in my bourbon immersion, and it was one of the first ones I found lacking. Not bad, just bland. After a few tries I decided to experiment, and vatted it with some...
  3. Re: [novice] Collecting.. Hoarding.. Prepping? / Lower Shelves

    There are obviously a lot of variables on how long it takes me to get to sleep, but honestly I usually zonk out before I get through the E's.
  4. Re: [novice] Collecting.. Hoarding.. Prepping? / Lower Shelves

    When I can't get to sleep at night my method of counting sheep is to go through all my whiskey bottles alphabetically. That isn't the sign of a problem, is it?
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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 3/14: Maker's Mark

    Makers is kind of like meatloaf for me. I'm never really excited about the prospect of having it, but once I have some I always like it, and I'll probably have seconds. Always keep some on hand...
  6. Re: Learned a lot already. Now hope to contribute!

    Welcome aboard. Sounds like you're off to a good start.
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    Sticky: Re: BOTM 2/14: Smooth Ambler Old Scout

    I've only had the VOS 19 year and the OS 7 year, but based on those two I have a 10 year, single barrel 8 year and VOS 11 in the bunker. The 19 year is one of my favorite pours, and the 7, while a...
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    Re: Hello From Milwaukee

    Another Wisconsinite here (although I'm a Packers shareholder, I dislike the term cheesehead). Welcome aboard.
  9. Sticky: Re: BOTM 10/13: Henry McKenna Single Barrel BIB

    Had a bottle of this (third grade art project label) and was singularly unimpressed after the first couple pours. It's not that I didn't like it, I just figured there were plenty others I liked...
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    Re: Greetings from Lakeview, Chicago

    Welcome Guy. I'm a newbie here as well. If you're getting back to Kentucky to connect with your roots, I'd recommend going on more distillery tours. There are certainly those on these boards who...
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    Re: Just joined - from Madison, Wisconsin

    "Tony welcome to the site from another pillager of the cheap prices that Wisconsin has to offer. . ."

    Do we have cheap prices? It's hard to tell. I see posts coming from others, usually south of...
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    Re: Just joined - from Madison, Wisconsin

    Vosgar, slack will definitely be cut if you're a Packers fan. I have friends who are Bears fans, but that's only because they have enough other redeeming qualities I can overlook that flaw in their...
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    Re: Just joined - from Madison, Wisconsin

    Thanks for the kind welcome, everyone. White Dog, you're right, I can find a lot of variety, but have to hunt a bit sometimes. For example, I've seen many on these boards extolling the virtues of...
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    Just joined - from Madison, Wisconsin

    Hey all. I've been reading these forums for a couple of months now and decided I should join. I've been drinking whiskey for most of my adult life, but was primarily a Jack on the rocks kind of...
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