Could someone please provide me with some recent background information on Yellowstone Bourbon? From existing threads, I understand that Barton owned the product at one time. I've noticed that Yellowstone bourbon is now listed as an "Other Brand" under the brand portfolio at the David Sherman Corp. web site. I'm assuming that DSC does not distill spirits. Does Barton produce Yellowstone for DSC?

I recently purchased a small bottle of Yellowstone (white label, 80 proof) more from curiosity than anything else. I found the nose to be surprisingly sweet and rich....actually reminiscent of George Dickel No. 12. The sweetness didn't follow over into the taste as well as I had hoped. The taste was sweet initially but contained some medicinal elments with a noticeable leather/ash aftertaste that wasn't bad but also wasn't very inspiring. I didn't exactly do any serious tastings of this bourbon (simply had it straight from a half-pint bottle) so the experience I had might differ considerably from that of others. What are some of the other forum members' opinions on this bourbon?