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    Re: Huh?!?

    I feel fortunate Jeff. In my case, that means a 400 yard drive.

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    Shipping laws

    There was an article in the Wall Street Journal (I saw it on Wednesday, but I'm not positive that it was Wed's issue) that was talking about this issue in depth. There are several court cases that seem to be leaning toward invalidating these laws based on unfair restriction of interstate commerce (which they plainly are). The article further opined that the issue will probably end up in the U S Supreme Court.

    I specifically remember that New York is a state with very restrictive laws.


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    Re: Shipping laws

    I ran across an interesting website that gives the latest details on many of these court cases that you were talking about Tim. Theres also a color-coded US map that breaks down each state's legal status on direct shipping.

    The website is run by a group called "Free the Grapes" which is a cooperative effort between several wine associations and the Coalition for Free Trade.

    The map is at:

    I would hope that even though most of this website is laid out from a wine retailers' perspective that the legal processes are taking into account all alcoholic beverages.

    I wonder if the bourbon industry has had much say in this matter?




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