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    A Distilling Dynasty

    The attachment is a picture of my family of Beams.....This is my favorite picture.....It is taken in fron of the Jail house in Bardstown....My grand-father Harry Beam is on the far left holding my Aunt Jo.....My grandmother (Josie) is on the far right holding my mom......It was taken in November 1937...

    I have been working with the folks who have been creating the museum for the new Visitor Center......they asked me for some of the history (and pictures) of the early days of Heaven Hill.......I have the earliest picture that was taken at Heaven Hill........it will be in the museum....it's a picture of my grandfather and greatgrandfather standing over a tub of mash.....the tub is only about chest high......

    Probably my most rewarding thrill was when I recieved a e-mail for them the other day.....the note said.......This picture (see attachment) will be used as a backdrop in the section called "A Distilling Dynasty"......instant tears came to my eyes when I read it......

    There are 8 master distillers in this picture........it's probably the only picture in the WORLD that you would ever find that many Master Distillers in one family....I am so very proud of all of them.....I miss them dearly....looking at this picture keeps them close to me...Without them.... and the work that they did in their lifetime....Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey....would not be what it is today......You cannot see the extensive records that I have of all the places they have helped to create and to get established (Distilleries)....It would blow ya away......

    Bettye Jo
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