Hello all, name's Mark and i have lived in Bourbon/horse country, or woodford county as some of you may know, all my life. Only recently have I been turned on to the pleasure and satisfaction of drinking such a fine alcohol as bourbon--after a stint with beer and vodka (no comment!!)

anyways, I am a University of Kentucky student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I am into cars and bourbon right now. I have been reading this forum for a while now and find many of the articles very useful and insightful. So I am glad to be joining a very knowledgible and helpful group.

I do however have a question for all you bourbon enthusiasts, I am looking for a fifth each of Old taylor BIB and Old Crow. I dont know a whole lot about the two, except that I have been to their defunct distilleries many times and would like to sample some heritage of my county. So if you all know where I could get a couple of old dusty's, please let me know!!!

Thanks and cheers!!