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    Bourbon Balls for Christmas

    I realize it's about as far till Christmas as it is From it , What the Hell? I will be starting my Bourbon balls for this Christmas this week I was going to last week but forgot. The first step and what I will do is to put some Black Walnuts in Bourbon. This will be a concoction of sorts. It must be above 100 proof so I'm thinking of dropping a 50ml of Booker's in this year with some other good bonded ( or Not) bourbon . The rest of the process is a closely guarded secret , it wasn't and I gave the recipe to any one who wanted it , just like I used to tell people my process for cooking a country ham that took me 20 years to perfect. I received so many compliments for both that I decided to rein it in and keep it in the family , just like a hundred year old Mashbill!

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    Re: Bourbon Balls for Christmas

    If you could let it go just this one time among friends it would be greatly appreciated I promise not to tell anyone that it is your recipe. Hell, I'll tell them it's mine

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    Re: Bourbon Balls for Christmas

    I love black walnuts. I never recall having any bourbon balls with them, but it sounds wonderful!


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    Re: Bourbon Balls for Christmas

    Bourbon Balls?
    Is bourbon the remedy or cause?

    Is it curable?



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