Caol Ila cask strength. This one was 59.2% and it was just sooooo fine. I so hate to see it go. I have some more in the bunker, but they're marked 59.3% ... so from a different run. But it doesn't matter. I've never had a Caol Ila I didn't think was great.

I love all Islays, (... uhm...but maybe not Bowmore so much) but I enjoyed this bottle even more than other excellent Islays I've had, like Laphroaig cask strength or Quarter Cask, or Ardbeg 10 or Lagavulin 12, ... or 16 ... okay... as much as I like Lagavulin 16 (at least as I remember) ... and Ardbeg Uidiagail (or whatever spelling).

It was cool, damp and rainy today. Maybe that's why that peat smoke hit the spot. ...something ...

I want to build a camp fire.