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    Re: Three Sheets Bourbon Episode

    I love Three Sheets and the KY one was one of my favorites.. so much that I keep it saved on my DVR.

    Actually the Bourbon KY episode is one of the reasons I decided to seek out a Van Winkle Bourbon.. so I can credit that show to getting me into bourbon!

    I got a chance to ask Preston how he liked shooting that show at a Van Winkle dinner.. he said that he has never seen two guys more hung over in his life.. especially Steve Mckenna who was slumped over in the corner during the shoot.

    I guess they actually shot the Van Winkle part the morning after the Sherwood bar. haha - then Preston said - I guess he was Steve Mckenna'd
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    Re: Three Sheets Bourbon Episode

    The Kentucky episode inspired me to visit the distilleries last August. The rest is history.

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    Re: Three Sheets Bourbon Episode

    I love the part when he holds up the glass of pappy 23 and says "Now thats good Van Winkle" and smiles
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    Re: Three Sheets Bourbon Episode

    I finally found a copy of this episode to download and watch... I enjoyed the Pappy tasting with Julian & Preston, and cracked up at the antics in the bar at night. really got a laugh out of the Steve McKenna shirts



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