Out of production:

- Old Ezra 15/101 (square bottle, in a box)
was it really as woody as I remember?

- Very Very Old Fitzgerald

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- Benchmark as made by Seagram in the 70's or 80's
I had Benchmark on my 1988 list of recommended bourbons, but I sure don't remember it tasting like rum, so I'd want to try that.

Current production, but not available around here:

- 4R SB 120th

- William Larue Weller (BTAC)

- Thomas Handy rye (BTAC)

- ER 17 (BTAC)
a recent release, because I want to see if it's improved since I first tried it some years ago

- VWFRR 13yo

Current production, available locally but just haven't gotten around to buying any:

- PVW 20