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    What were you drinking last night?

    It was Friday night so I thought I'd cut myself loose with a few drinks.

    I started with a Knob Creek on the rocks. No matter how I try, I can't bring myself to like this bourbon. It doesnt taste like cheap bourbon to me, but it has a nutty flavor and an oily mouth feel that repulse me. I think that bottle is going to last a long time.

    Next on the list; Booker's. On the rocks again ... now this is some yummy stuff. I let the ice do all the dilution. The more I drink Bookers, the more I like it.
    More than any other bourbon, I cook with Booker's. The flavor is so strong that it never seems to get lost in the food. No Linn, I don't use it in marinades, but if I do I promise I'll overnight it to you afterward so you can drink it.

    Finally, finished the evening's drinking experience with some W.L. Weller 19 YO. Once again on the rocks. Damn superb bourbon.

    I woke up this morning a bit fuzzy, but really no worse for the wear. May have to do that again tonight with a different menu

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    Re: What were you drinking last night?

    Last night, 2 oz Eagle Rare and 2 oz Old Grand-dad 114 straight up, with 2 cans of ice cold Canada Dry lemon-lime sparkling water 'back'

    (rule of thumb, I like whiskey 'up' but always drink 12 oz of water with every 2 oz of bourbon, take a vitamin C, B complex, aspirin. Never get a hangover)

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    Re: What were you drinking last night?

    Last night I had my first Elijah Craig 12. Good stuff! Didn't like it quite as much as I do Knob Creek or Old Whiskey River, but liked it enough that I'll keep it onhand for those times when I want something different.

    Up tonight, Evan Williams Single Barrel. Took a quick swig from the bottle, and I think I'm going to fall in love with this one....I'm having more fun trying these things and learning ! Also, pairing them with cigars...the EC went quite nicely with a Cuban Fonseca..I think the EWSB is flavorful enough to hang with an Ashton VSG (I'm out of Bolivars at the moment ).

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    Re: What were you drinking last night?

    yup, a little bourbon + a LOT of water = a bright & cheerful morning, tonight for me it was 2oz Knob Creek then a DOUBLE EC 12, yummy!




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