Using the search function, I checked who was the first poster to use the term "dusty bottle". If I checked it right, the honors go to long-time SB-er Texascarl, who still contributes here (hi Carl).

Here is part of his statement:

"David Nicholson 1843 BIB
I've seen several favorable mentions of this bourbon in the archives, so when I spotted a few dusty old bottles on a bottom shelf recently, I grabbed one.
I'm going back to grab the rest. This is some good old whusk. (my highest rating)"

This was made in June, 2002, some months before I joined the board. Carl went on to note that David Nicholson had always been made with 7 years old 100 proof Old Fitzgerald.

Some years before this use of the term, there were references to "dusty corner" (Chuck said this about Fairfield McKenna) and "dusty shelf" (a poster was speaking in reference to Royal 1889, a brand bottled (it was determined with BJ's help) by HH some years before that. In the discussion about 1889, a poster had one acquired in an insurance salvage auction in the 1940's and was inquiring about value. He had posted a picture, so the Internet clearly was advanced even some 9 years ago.

As far as I can tell, that bottle, although not so dubbed, was the first truly dusty bottle discussed on SB.

The distillery was Meadowvale, in Jefferson County which is Louisville area. That distillery became known as Boone, and it closed some years before 1977 but continued bottling bourbon until that date. The first Pappy 23 and I think 20 was a rye-recipe whiskey from Boone, probably the 1889 brand.

Although that bottle might have been the first true dusty, there were discussions early on about bottles no longer made, e.g., Chuck noted about 9 years ago that he always liked the pre-Beam Old Taylor and occasionally he could still find some. So there was always discussion of prized gems from an earlier time but the above firsts (unless my research was off - if so happy to be corrected) seemed notable and worth mentioning here. There is a ton of great stuff in the SB archive including many posts from the Boss when he used to post taste notes and impressions. In one very early post he nails the (then) palate of EC 12, noting its "camphor" qualities. Still rivers run deep!