Hello all. I grew up in Southern Indiana close to Louisville, but after seeing the world in the Navy, I now reside in NW TN. I have been a Bourbon fan for a long time, but have only got into the better stuff in the last couple of years. I think BT is great Bourbon, especially at the price point. Either it or EWSB are my standard pour.

I have a buddy local, and we both enjoy trying new flavors. We both like Old Forrester, WR, and Weller 107. I would like to try the whole Weller lineup, but it is not real easy to find local. We did try Old Rip 90 proof, and didn't think it was too great. I am trying to get my hands on some 107, but have not had any luck yet. Also if you have not tryed Clyde Mays Alabama Whiskey, don't. We got it on sale one night, and it was utterly terrible.

I am not a collector, but I do have a bottle of George T Stagg, and WR Sonoma Cutrer I have not brought myself to open Yet.
What are everyone's thought on the WR SC? Have not heard much feedback on it.

Look forward to cussing and discussing with yall.