While poking around a local store with an excellent bourbon selection today I dropped and broke a bottle. It caught on a swirl in the decorative metal shelving and hit the deck! Of course I need to pay for my carelessness, but I was just wondering if SB folks would expect to pay full price for the bottle or something less than that? I don't know, maybe I am just too customer friendly, but I am in business and I always err on the side of generosity to my customers.
After the girl rang up my tab, I bought $54.00 worth of goods in addition to the $29.00 bottle I broke, I mentioned to her that maybe she might charge me something closer to cost and she said that she already rang it up and anyway they have a hard time keeping the item I trashed in stock. I just said OK and left. So 'am I being unreasonable? I just know I would have handled it differently. Tom