Hello Everybody,
My name is Lukasz and I am from Cracow, Poland. I am a miniature bottle collector. My webside is www.czajkus.friko.pl. I have about 1150 miniature bottles. I like very much bourbon and canadian whisky miniature bottles
I try ad a description to every photo

I am collecting bourbon miniatures only in glass bottles and I have almost 100 of this bottles. I live far far away from Kentucky and Tennessee and I have problems with finding new bottles but I try

I still don't have same miniature bottles like:
- Bourbon Heritage Collection Miniature Set
- Old Portrero
- Old St. Nick
- Old Bardstawn
- Wild Turkey Rye - new bottle
- Gibson's Finest 18 y.o.
- Seagram's VO

I would like to find in this forum other miniature collectors or people who can help me looking for miniature bottle (I have paypal and uncle in New York - my lovely mail box)

oh sorry for my english

my email is czajkus@interia.pl

Best Regards