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    Your favourite Bourbon bar Version 2 >

    Thought i'd re-open this old thread and introduce my favourite drinking hole here in Brisbane. Camduncan and Hightower know of this bar and as i work just down the road its been a haunt of mine for a bit. It's 'The Bowery Bar' in Brisbane, voted the best bar in Australia on JJJ radio recently. Apart from the excellent selection at the Byblos Bar at Portside, Brisbane, Australia, it has one of the best bourbon ranges on offer here. Stagg runs for a hefty 50 hard earnt dollars a pop but there are plenty others that are better priced to savour. I go here to try ones before i buy them.

    Anywho the bar has a classy NY city kind of feel and is well worth a visit if you're in this part of the world. Anyone else got some pics of nice bars they might call their second home?

    Cheers all!
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