I found some older bottles of Old Forester with the white paper labels a few weeks back and bought them up at $13. Well, I cracked one open last weekend and the damned thing tasted like turpentine or diesel fuel. Man, all the accolades and good things I had read here about it were looked at with a real baneful eye by myself. Well, I was mixing some drinks last night and decided to give the open bottle of Old Forester another try. I poured some in a glass and have it a sip before adding gingerale. The flavor had really changed. No diesel, no turpentine, all vanilla woodiness and wonder. What in the heck is this about? The flavor when I added gingerale and lemon juice just remained wonderful. I was on the verge of handing the other four bottles that I bought that day away to a friend who will drink anything but now these babies are staying with me. Is this the product of exposing the whiskey to oxygen? If so than I would reckon this liquor would benefit from being decanted and put into a decanter. Please explain what happened here?