Had some running around to do after work. Decided to make it worth my while and hit one of the local liquor stores when I was done. Found a few interesting bottles, that weren't there on previous visits.

#1. Jacob's Well 750 ml, 84 proof
I did a little research, and found that this hasn't been made for quite a while. From what I gather, it's just an "okay" bourbon, similar to JB Black. It might be good to pick up a couple for trading.

#2 Heaven Hill Ultra Deluxe, 750 ml 80 proof, aged 36 months
Haven't found much on this at all, except it is one of the younger HH offerings.

#3 Evan Williams #10 Brand, 750 ml 86 proof
Same as the regular EW black label that it was sitting next to, except name and completely different bottle. ?

#4 Benchmark Premium Bourbon, 1 liter, 80 proof
Bottled By Old Benchmark, New Orleans
After reading some of the different posts here about Benchmark, especially lately, I'm completely confused.

So, what does everyone think?
All comments, recommendations, etc......, will be graciously accepted. Thanks, Joe