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Thread: Used barrels Q

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    Re: Used barrels Q

    You might be correct. When the idea first started at Publicker, according to Dave Z., they used many different barrels, maybe they were only sending over the 40 gallon size. I will try to ask him soon.

    Jeff Mo.

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    Re: Used barrels Q

    It might be worth pointing out that 40 Imperial Gallons is 48 US Gallons...not sure how that changes the conversation, but it could be something to think about...also the 54 Imperial gallon measurement works out close to the Merriam-Webster 63 US Gallon size at 64.8.
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    Re: Used barrels Q

    The Scots, Irish, and for that matter, Jamaicans, Mexicans, Canadians, and everybody else who ages something in used bourbon barrels uses them until they lose their physical integrity. They'll repair them, replace staves, rebuild them, until there is nothing left of them. What little is left is disposed of somehow, but I don't know how.

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    Re: Used barrels Q

    What I've heard is that in a lot of cases, it's cheaper to buy new Bourbon casks instead of repairing the old ones - attribute that sentiment to Jim McEwan from Bruichladdich. Probably has something to do with the presence of in-house coopers. If you have to farm out the work, it may be easier to just buy new casks...

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    Re: Used barrels Q

    Hogshead is the usual standard used in the Scotch whisky industry. According to the American Heritage Dictionary a HHD can consist of anything from 62,5 to 140 gallons. Today, most people refer to casks that hold approx 250 liters. (according to chart found on wikipedia)

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    Re: Used barrels Q

    Quote Originally Posted by mier View Post
    ...thought Bose uses some for very expensive high quality speakers.
    I don't know about Bose but I stumbled across this while looking at something on Pioneer's site. We all know that the gives whiskey it's color and taste but did you know that the whiskey gives the barrel a "gentler and deeper sound" (that is, of course, if you make speaker cabinets out of the barrel after aging whiskey in it...) and, just like with specialty/high end whiskey, only "select barrels are picked". They seem to have gotten decent reviews but I'll say it anyway, at $600 a pair this sounds like a scam, maybe they'd be cheaper if they used bourbon and rye barrels. (no pun intended)

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    Re: Used barrels Q

    Almost a tasting note: "it produced a soft, mellow tone that lingered in the air.” They would probably add a nice aroma to the room, especially if the speaker generates much heat.



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