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    Re: Bourbon with a molasses/honey taste HELP!

    By the way early versions of Elmer T. Lee seemed to me quite similar to the older form of bourbon that Chuck and I were talking about, as did stablemate Rock Hill Farms. They still have a profile I'd call sweetish, non-complex, which is why I suggested them earlier, but I have found recent bottlings not as good as what I remember.


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    Re: Bourbon with a molasses/honey taste HELP!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gillman View Post
    Good suggestion, Dale. Maybe cut it 50/50 or to taste with Russell's Reserve or some other WT bourbon.

    Emily loves this stuff but it is even to much for my sweet tooth. Cutting it though sounds like something I would like to try. Perhaps even a 75/25 blend. I'll give it try tonight.

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    Re: Bourbon with a molasses/honey taste HELP!

    Not to nit pick, but I would probably start with 80/20 or even less. A little of that stuff goes a long way. Use it as you would sweet vermouth in making a manhattan.

    But I also like the idea and if I had a bottle of American Honey, I'd try it.

    By the way, I always suspected that WT American Honey was made in Fort Smith, AR, where Pernod's Hiram Walker liqueurs are made, but it is made in Lawrenceburg and shipped in bulk to Fort Smith, which is where Wild Turkey is bottled.



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